January 26–28, 2022

Privacy Policy


You have a right to privacy

When you visit our website, our software captures non-personally identifying information such as the IP address of your Internet Service Provider, the date and time you accessed our site and the Internet address of the website that may have referred you to our site, the operating system of your computer (i.e. XP, Windows 2000, etc.), the browser you use (i.e. Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.) and your screen resolution. We use this information to help us make sure that our website is accessible to those who use it, to help us better plan “downtime” and to give us information about which areas of our site are most—and least—used. Our website uses “cookies” to allow access to some of our interactive features, such as our catalog or subscription databases. These cookies do not capture any personal user information, such as your email address.