Rancho Mirage Writers Festival

Jan 30-Feb 1, 2019

2018 Rancho Mirage Writers Festival videos

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Angel Night at the Helene Galen Auditorium

World War I

A. Scott Berg

Karl Rove and Bret Stephens in conversation with Geoff Cowan

Karl Rove and Bret Stephens

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

8:30–9:15 am

The Royals

Sally Bedell Smith

Puppy Love

Dr. Gregory Berns

Quiet Until the Thaw

Alexandra Fuller

Black and White

Danzy Senna and Mishna Wolff

9:30–10:15 am

Greg Iles and Scott Turow in Conversation

Greg Iles and Scott Turow

The Fall of Saigon and the Aftermath

Viet Thanh Nguyen

Food for Thought

Tom Parker Bowles and Elizabeth Sorensen

Custer and Grant

H.W. Brands and T.J. Stiles

10:30–11:15 am

America Today

Douglas Brinkley, Karl Rove and Bret Stephens

Adventures in Golf

David Owen

Paris 1919: Six Months That Changed the World

Margaret MacMillan

Barbarian Days

Douglas Brunt and William Finnegan

11:30 am–12:15 pm

The Civil War, Slavery and The Underground Railroad

Jon Meacham and Colson Whitehead

The 2016 Election

Tim Miller, Amie Parnes, and Richard North Patterson

The Romanovs

Dr. Helen Rappaport

The Wireless Future of Medicine

Dr. Eric Topol

1–1:45 pm

Bush 41

Jon Meacham

Fall of Saigon and the Aftermath

Viet Thanh Nguyen

Hamilton v. Burr

H.W. Brands, Elizabeth Cobbs and Nancy Isenberg

2–2:45 pm

Dave Barry and Greg Iles in Conversation

Dave Barry and Greg Iles

Crime and Punishment

Shaka Senghor and Scott Turow

Why History Matters

Nancy Isenberg and T.J. Stiles

More Than the Nation’s Attic

Richard Kurin

3–3:45 pm

Freedom of the Press

Ben Macintyre, Margaret MacMillan and Bret Stephens

Journey to the Interior

William Finnegan, Alexandra Fuller and Mishna Wolff

Where Does the Water Go?

David Owen

The Future of ESPN

James Andrew Miller

4–4:45 pm

The Best U.S. Presidents

H.W. Brands, Douglas Brinkley and Jon Meacham

Operation Mincemeat

Ben Macintyre

When in Rome

Adrian Goldsworthy

Sleepless Nights

Benjamin Reiss

Thursday, January 25, 2018

8:30–9:15 am

Out of the Echo Chamber

Bret Stephens


Scott Turow

“Live from New York, It’s Saturday Night”

James Andrew Miller

Custer’s Trials: A Life on the Frontier of a New America

T.J. Stiles

9:30–10:15 am

He’s Back!

Dave Barry

The Royals

Sally Bedell Smith

The Healthcare Solution

Dr. Elisabeth Rosenthal

Barbarian Days

William Finnegan

10:30–11:15 am

Transformational Tuesdays: Elections That Shaped Our History

H.W. Brands, Douglas Brinkley and Karl Rove

The Wireless Future of Medicine

Dr. Eric Topol

The Underground Railroad

Colson Whitehead

The End of Men

Rebecca Mead and Hanna Rosin

11:30 am–12:15 pm

America Today

Amie Parnes, Jon Meacham and Tim Miller

The Murder of the Romanovs in Ekaterinberg, July 1918

Dr. Helen Rappaport

The White House is the People’s House

Douglas Brinkley and Stewart McLaurin

Rogue Heroes

Ben Macintyre

1–1:45 pm

Crime Does Pay

Greg Iles, Richard North Patterson and Scott Turow

MacArthur vs. Truman: The Showdown That Changed America

H.W. Brands

Marriage, Motherhood and Micro-dosing

Ayelet Waldman

White Trash

Nancy Isenberg and Benjamin Reiss

2–2:45 pm

History’s People

Douglas Brinkley, Margaret MacMillan and Jon Meacham

For Better or For Worse

Alexandra Fuller, Hanna Rosin and Ayelet Waldman

What it’s Like to Be a Dog (Or a Dolphin)

Dr. Gregory Berns


James Andrew Miller

3–3:45 pm

Dave Barry and Scott Turow in Conversation

Dave Barry and Scott Turow

Literary Voices

Danzy Senna and Colson Whitehead

Comfort Food

Tom Parker Bowles

The National Museum of African American History and Culture

Richard Kurin

4–4:45 pm

The Candidate

Susan Eisenhower, Tim Miller and Karl Rove

Prison Sentences

Shaka Senghor

Inside the Beltway

Amie Parnes

Friday, January 26, 2018

8:30–9:15 am

Reflected Glory

Sally Bedell Smith

When in Rome

Adrian Goldsworthy

Preserving the People’s House

Stewart McLaurin

9:30–10:15 am

Two’s Company

Suzanne Somers

Spy vs. Spy

Ben McIntyre

A Magnificent Obsession: Victoria, Albert, and the Death That Changed the British Monarchy

Dr. Helen Rappaport

10:30–11:15 am

Leading Lady

Sherry Lansing

Saving Cultural Heritage Today

Richard Kurin

History and Biography

Margaret MacMillan and Sally Bedell Smith

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Ronald Reagan: A Rendezvous with Destiny

PANEL: Douglas Brinkley, H.W. Brands and Richard Reeves

The Art of Stillness: Adventures in Going Nowhere

Pico Iyer

Women and Fiction

PANEL: Geraldine Brooks, Karen Joy Fowler and Lauren Groff

Eat, Fast and Live Longer

Dr. Valter Longo

Never Give Up. Never Quit.

Travis Mills

A Crack in the Edge of the World and Pacific

Simon Winchester

Remembering the White House

David Hume Kennerly and Susan Ford Bales

President Kennedy: Profile of Power

Richard Reeves

City on Fire and A Good Month for Murder

SHORT TALKS: Garth Risk Hallberg and Del Quentin Wilber

Our #1 Enemy: China?

PANEL: Colonel Jack Jacobs, Evan Osnos and Bret Stephens

Where it Hurts

Reed Farrel Coleman

The Next 40 Years

PANEL: Matthias Hollwich, Dr. Valter Longo and Dr. Gary Small

Andrew Jackson

H.W. Brands

All-American Poem and Green Migraine

SHORT TALKS: Matthew Dickman and Michael Dickman


Richard M. Nixon

PANEL: Douglas Brinkley, Richard Reeves, Evan Thomas and Tim Weiner

The Origins of Islam

Tom Holland

Jewish Humor

PANEL: Shalom Auslander and Annabelle Gurwitch

The Civil War

PANEL: Jeff Shaara and Robert Hicks

I like Ike

PANEL: Susan Eisenhower and Evan Thomas

The Roosevelts

H.W. Brands

Travel Stories

PANEL: Pico Iyer and Simon Winchester

Caesars and Whores: The Politics of Gossip in Imperial Rome

Tom Holland

Summit @ Sunnylands

PANEL: Geoff Cowan, David Hume Kennerly, Janice Lyle and Elizabeth Sorensen

Ulysses S. Grant: The Man Who Saved the Union

H.W. Brands

Presidential Pedigree

PANEL: Susan Ford Bales, Clifton Truman Daniel, Susan Eisenhower and Theodore Roosevelt IV

If the United Nations Had a House Band It Would Be Pink Martini

Thomas Lauderdale

Thomas Jefferson & Monticello

Andrew Jackson O’Shaughnessey

Vietnam: 40 Years Later

PANEL: Colonel Jack Jacobs and Fredrik Logevall

Photographing Presidents

David Hume Kennerly


Bret Stephens

The United States and the World: The Next 20 Years

The Next Four Years

PANEL: Hon. Barbara Boxer, H.W. Brands, Douglas Brinkley, Geoff Cowan, Hon. Gray Davis, Richard Reeves and Evan Thomas

Robert Wagner in Conversation with George Schlatter

I Loved Her in the Movies

Dave Barry

Best. State. Ever.